Customs (Authorised Piers and Places) Amendment) Regulations 2012 comes into operation on 26 May 2012

28 May 2012

Customs (Authorised Piers and Places) (Amendment) Regulations 2012, published on 25 May 2012, has come into operation on 26 May 2012.

Part I of the Schedule to the Customs (Authorised Piers and Places) Regulations 2011 (G.N. No. S 708/2011) which relates to the authorised piers and places for the import of goods by sea prescribed for the purposes of section 31(1)(a)(i) of the Customs Act 9 (Cap 70),  is amended by inserting after item 8, the following item:

Authorised pier or place: 8A. Marina Bay Cruise Centre Singapore

Goods: (a) Personal effects

Source: e-Gazette

Customs (Amendment) Act 2011 passed by Parliament

22 December 2011

The Customs (Amendment) Act 2011, published on 27 December 2011, was passed by Parliament on 22 November 2011 and assented to by the President on 8 December 2011. It amends the Customs Act (Chapter 70 of the 2004 Revised Edition)  and  makes  consequential  amendments  to the  Road Traffic Act (Chapter 276 of the 2004 Revised Edition).

More details on the amendments can be found here.

Source: e-Gazette

Feedback on the Customs Act sought by MOF and Singapore Customs

5 September 2011

The Ministry of Finance and Singapore Customs are conducting a public consultation on the draft Customs (Amendment) Bill 2011 which will run from 2 September to 23 September 2011.

Amongst the main amendments being considered for the Customs (Amendment) Bill 2011 are:

a)   Enhancements to the customs enforcement regime:

  • Enhancements of penalties for contraband tobacco offenders to increase deterrence; and
  • Extension of liability to the person who furnishes incorrect information to another person for making customs declarations

b)  Changes to facilitate the sharing of information among domestic public agencies:

  •  Allow disclosure of information collected under the Customs Act to domestic public agencies for the investigation and prosecution of offences under domestic laws and to safeguard national security, public health and safety.

c)   Changes arising from ongoing reviews of the customs regime for the improvement of customs administration or to clarify existing customs legislation:

  • The introduction of a summons system for minor customs offences;
  • The appointment of agents for the recovery of duties to reduce administrative costs and aid timely recovery;
  • Retention of trade documents in image systems instead of retaining paper documents; and
  • Miscellaneous changes to give greater legal clarity and to align provisions within the Customs Act with current operations.

 Source: MOF