IRAS Updates e-Tax Guide on Renovation and Refurbishment Works

The Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore has updated its e-Tax Guide on tax deductions for expenses incurred on Renovation or Refurbishment (R&R) works done to business premises, with the inclusion of four (4) additional qualifying items:

  1. Hacking works on premises
  2. Water meter installed to enable renovation works
  3. Hoarding works
  4. Insurance for renovation works qualifying for Section 14Q deduction*

*Section 14Q was introduced into the Income Tax Act to assist especially small and medium enterprises reduce business costs by allowing tax deductions for qualifying R&R costs incurred that may otherwise be non-deductible.

IRAS also clarified that expenditure incurred by “any works carried out to a place of residence provided to or to be provided to employees”, is not eligible for Section 14Q deduction claims.

For further details, please refer to IRAS’ e-Tax Guide.
Source: Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore