Income Tax (Land Intensification Allowance) (Amendment) Regulations 2013 [S 466/2013] effective 1 August 2013

13 August 2013

Regulation 2 of the Income Tax (Land Intensification Allowance) Regulations 2012 (G.N. No. S 28/2012) is amended by the insertion of paragraph (1A), which explains Column A and Column B in the new schedule that has replaced the former table.

Where there was previously one, there are now two columns, A and B, in the Schedule setting out the relevant gross plot ratio benchmark applicable to a building or structure. Applications for planning or conservation permission made during the period from 23 February 2010 to 31 July 2013 are to refer to Column A. For applications submitted on or after 1 August 2013, Column B applies.

Source: Government Gazette