Singaporeans in support of Budget measures to tighten foreign manpower and improve productivity

25 March 2013

A post-Budget poll conducted by REACH has found that eight in ten Singaporeans supported the Government’s Budget 2013 initiatives.

The poll showed that measures relating to restructuring the economy for quality growth, such as the Wage Credit Scheme, and the tightening of foreign worker policies, were the most warmly welcomed, with almost 9 in 10 respondents in favour of the latter.

Singaporeans also welcomed various initiatives including the progressive property tax structure, additional GST Voucher, personal income tax rebate and the reduction of the foreign domestic worker levy, all of which work towards building a more inclusive society.

Noting the particularly strong support for measures relating to the tightening of foreign manpower and improving productivity, REACH Chairman, Dr Amy Khor said: “Singaporeans now have more information on the Government’s plans to build a more inclusive and better Singapore in areas such as promoting social mobility through education and reviewing healthcare financing. REACH will continue to gather Singaporeans’ sentiments and concerns on these key issues.”

Source: REACH