IRAS updates the e-Tax Guide “GST Guide for the Marine Industry – 2011 Budget Change (4th Edition)”

31 January 2013

In Budget 2011, the Minister for Finance had announced measures designed to benefit the marine industry in Singapore.

The GST changes involve the following:

• Introduction of the Approved Marine Customer Scheme (AMCS) to allow ship owners or ship managers to purchase or rent zero-rated goods, and

• Expansion of the scope of zero-rating of repair and maintenance services relating to ship parts or components.

The e-Tax Guide explains the existing GST treatment and GST changes affecting the Marine Industry and sets out details of the new Approved Marine Customer Scheme.

In this fourth edition, revisions made to information relating to:

• Conditions of eligibility for AMCS (para 3.11)
• Application procedures for AMCS (para 3.21)
• Application procedures in respect of ASK declaration (para 3.22)

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