Consolidation and rewriting of e-Tax Guides by IRAS

2 July 2012

On 29 June 2012, the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) had issued various e-Tax Guides which have either been re-written or consolidated from past Guides to make it more user-friendly. The titles of these re-written e-Tax Guides are as follows:

  • Securities Lending and Repurchase Arrangements
  • Tax Treatment of Employee Share Options and Other Forms of Employee Share Ownership Plans
  • Utilising Unabsorbed Capital Allowances, Trade Losses and Donations
  • Filing of Income Tax Computations in Functional Currencies other than Singapore dollars
  • Income Tax Treatment of Foreign Exchange Gains or Losses for Businesses
  • Deductibility of “Keyman “ Insurance Premiums
  • Income Tax Treatment of Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs)
  • One Year Write-Off for New Diesel-Driven Goods Vehicles and Buses
  • Ascertainment of Income from Business of Making Investment
  • Group Relief System
  • Tax Exemption for Foreign-Sourced Income

More details can be found on the IRAS website.

Source: IRAS