Two men charged with GST Fraud

17 June 2011

Two men were charged in a district court Friday with Goods and Services Tax (GST) fraud.

One, 44 year old Tan Kim Teck, the sole proprietor of automotive parts firm, TKT Trading allegedly made false entries in his GST returns between October 2000 and October 2007 to evade tax., resulting in the undercharging of taxes totalling more than S$219,000. Tan is also accused of failing to keep items such as his company’s  business and accounting records as well as tax invoices received.

Tan faces 32 charges in all and he will be back in court on July 15.

The other person, 34 year old Suharry Abdullah, who’s the director of Republic
Beverages Company, which deals with alcoholic drinks, allegedly helped the firm to evade tax by making false entries amounting to more than S$32,000 in GST returns in June and September 2008. Suharry, who faces eight charges in all, is also accused of helping the company prepare fictitious invoices between June and August that year, totalling more than S$20,000.

Republic Beverages Company faces similar charges involving the same amount of
money. Suharry’s case will be mentioned again on July 1.

Source: Channel NewsAsia