Revision of e-Tax Guide: Stamp duty – Imposition of stamp duty on sellers for sale or disposal of residential property (6th edition)

17 June 2011

IRAS has released the 6th edition of e-Tax Guide on the Imposition of Stamp Duty on Sellers for Sale or Disposal of Residential Property.

This new edition’s changes include:

1. New information being relating to payment of seller’s stamp duty can be done now via the e-Stamping website from 15 June 2011 under the Sale and Purchase of Immovable Property (Ad Valorem Seller’s Stamp Duty). As such, you are no longer required to submit your documents to IRAS for stamping and payment of SSD. For details on payment modes, you may wish to access their website at > Stamp Duty > Stamp duty payment modes (paragraph 8).

2. The Frequently Asked Questions page (Annex B which replaced Annex D), now has

  • clarified the mode of payment of the stamp duty – payment of seller’s stamp duty can be done via the e-Stamping website from 15 June 2011 (see question 11)
  • clarified that nominal duty (whether payable by buyer or seller) has been removed for subsequent document executed on and after 19 February 2011. If you are liable for seller’s stamp duty and the subsequent document was executed before 19 February 2011, you would still be liable to the seller’s nominal duty (see question 12)
  • clarified via question 13 that all sellers of residential properties are required to complete the “Seller’s Stamp Duty for Residential Properties Declaration Form” whether or not they are liable to pay stamp duty
  • clarified the position on stamp duty applicable to minority disapprovers of en-bloc sales, and the criteria for exemptions relating to individuals re-developing residential property (see questions 14 and 15).

3. Previous paragraph 8 (SSD payment procedures) and Annex C (Sample Form E1D)have been deleted. Please see the 5th edition at (Ref 2011/SD/1)

For full details of the 6th edition, please refer to: (Ref 2011/SD/7)

Source: IRAS